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About The Creator


Yunus Emre Furgunov (no my real surname is not this)

Twitter: @

My soundcloud: https://m.soundcloud.com/user-181961382-120754261

HexRat is a blog (I guess) and I am the only person working for it. And... I write stuff and have some useful widgets around... don't know what else to say. Enjoy.

oh and you can use your adblocker if you get annoyed by the ads on my website. I won't get mad promise.

About HexRat

*hexrat is now a part of webmazer.com

HexRat (or hexrat.com) is a blog/website created by Yunus Emre V. / Y.E. Furgunov in order to share quality content with the internet. HexRat is the second big project of Yunus E. after Yunus Blog. After the closure of Yunusblog.com, Bor3d.net and Adflyrich.icu, HexRat became the biggest current project of Yunus Emre V.

HexRat is a fresh start and to focus more on this brand new project, he shut down previous projects mentioned above.

Yunus Blog Media is also abandoned not only because Yunus Blog has been shut down but also because the Yunus Blog Media apps on Google Play Store are no longer available for unknown reasons.

At the same time, Klaufz (somewhat a part of Yunus Blog Media) has also been shut down when considering the removal of apps from the stores.

HexRat is a brand new start for new adventures. If you are interested in joining, send us a message!

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"HexRat"(HexRat.com)™ is a blog created by Yunus Emre Furgunov

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